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About Highland Cattle

The Highland cattle registry (herd book) was established in 1885, which is the oldest herd book in the world, making Highlands the oldest registered cattle in the world.


Growing up in the Scottish Highlands meant through natural selection only the fittest and most adaptable animals survived, which means Highlands are very hardy to harsh conditions.


They stay outside all year round, unlike commercial cows who go indoors at winter. Their shaggy coats keep them warm in the cold weather and they would be far too hot inside!


They have an unusual double coat of hair. The outer coat is oily and longer than any other breed, protecting them from the wind and rain, and their downy under coat keeps them insulated.


Usually a group of cattle are called a herd, but a group of Highland cattle is known as a fold – which is the name of the open shelters made of stone they used to be kept in.


They can forage on rough ground, which means they can survive where other cattle can’t.

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