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  Our Beef.  

 Our Beef  

About Our Beef

Our cattle make use of every inch of land, roaming around the meres and mosses The calves even enjoy eating fruit from the orchard!

Whether you are looking for the tender meat of a British Shorthorn or the mature flavour of the Highland, our cattle are born and raised at Oteley.


Beef Shorthorn


The British Beef Shorthorn breed is well known for being a quality traditional beef breed. Since the 1970's its popularity has increased and this breed is the core of our 270 strong commercial suckler herd. The cattle are predominantly grass fed spending a large part of the calendar year enjoying the beautiful countryside. Beef from this breed is tender and marbled.


Highland Cattle


Unlike the shorthorn cattle that would stay on the farm for 1-2 years, Highland cattle need a little more time to grow and they stay with us here on the farm for 4 years – which means they get even more time roaming the Shropshire countryside.  Our cattle have years of grazing freely in the great outdoors. They grow at their own pace on their 100% natural diet even eating the rough grass and brambles. The meat from this beef is more mature with a fuller flavour.


There are no shortcuts to producing quality beef. For locally produced meat with fantastic flavour, taste and quality, look no further than Oteley Beef. 

To order some of our delicious beef meat boxes, please contact

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