Oteley Estate

Shropshire Raised Beef and Lamb

About Us

The Oteley Estate is situated on the shores of the mere in Ellesmere, Shropshire. The estate has been in the family for over 500 years and has seen many changes from lavish country house to army hospital camp. In recent years however the 2,000 acres of land has become home to two stunning herds of native breeds of british cattle; Beef Shorthorn and Highland.


The area around the meres and mosses is perfect cattle grazing land and these two beef breeds are ideally suited.  


British Beef Shorthorn is the ultimate native beef breed for the beautiful green pastures. The herds fill the parkland and meadows and they grow at their own pace. 


There is no mistaking a Highland. With their long horns and shaggy coats, they have a very distinctive look. Don’t be fooled by the horns though – they have a gentle temperament. 


We believe happy, healthy animals produce the best meat, and our meat boxes are testament to that, with a delicious selection of quality meat joints. 

Our Beef

Our quality beef has its own unique texture and taste. It is lean yet well marbled, rich, dense and flavoursome. Because Highlands have their extra layer of shaggy hair, they don’t have a wasteful top layer of subcutaneous fat meaning it is leaner, and it is also low in cholesterol.


The meat is hung for 3 weeks to achieve optimum flavour.


We sell our meat boxes in 10kg or 20kg selections. They contain a mixture of cuts, including slow cooked joints, steaks, and mince, so you can enjoy quality beef for a range of meals.